Greece – Art of Travel

Greece is THE destination for the discerning traveler.

Boutique hotels, authentic tours and personalized activities that encourage interaction with locals? Travel that makes a deeper connection with your soul and leaves a lasting impression. Does that describe your travel style and motivation?
For our discerning clientele, we offer our expertise that saves them time and enhances their travel experience. It can be a lot of information to sort through in this digital age, it helps to have a local friend to verify and qualify your decisions. Be a ‘Traveler, not just a Tourist’.

Color your stay. Where you stay is one of the most important factors of a holiday. For those with a penchant for interior design, there isa room for every taste. Urban industrial, modern minimalism or even Classical styled rooms. How about an indoor Jacuzzi, infinity pool or Art Hotels adorned with art pieces by Koons or furniture by Eames, Starck, and Hadid. Looking for a memorable stay? How about staying an old monastery, a winery or even castle! The options are endless and go beyond your standard tourist class hotel chains.

Tours with a twist. Most Generation X’s and Millennial travelers prefer self-guided tours. While that is perfectly fine, sometimes having that human interaction makes everything all that more meaningful. Get a local’s perspective and make new friends in the meantime. Our knowledgeable guides are there to enhance your tours, by giving perspective and sharing experiences. Tours are not just educational, they are also experiential. Food tours for example, can extend to, shopping, tasting, cooking, harvesting, visiting factories, talking to local businesses and even volunteering at soup kitchens. Professionals in the fields are also lending their expertise. Tour the city with an architect or a photographer or a social worker. This will show you a different perspective of the destination that you won’t find in your
average guide book.

Tech & Transport trends. Your travel experience can be elevated by incorporating, 3D apps and the most updated audio visual Cruise ship, Santorinitechnology and ipads. While a walking city tour is usually the way to go, why not try a Segway or even a TRIKKE (motorized tricycle) to elevate the experience?! They even capture you with a Go-Pro as a souvenir. For more traditional transportation, have your choice of vehicles for hire, not just cars and ground transport, don’t forget there are sailing options and cruises to consider as well. Thos are the best option for seeing as many highlights in a shorter timeframe. For the Sushi and a glass of white wine on balcony with Caldera city view at sunset, yellow sunlight and bright sky before getting dark (selective focus on sushi)jet setters, selected hotels even have their own heli-pad.

Satisfy the gourmet in you. Mediterranean food and more specifically Greek cuisine has enjoyed fame around the world. The use of quality ingredients, in recipes passed down through generations are best eaten at the source. Every region has their own specialties too, so you will never be out of choices. There has also been a surge of international restaurants and fusion gourmet establishments in the last years. Take your pick! Try ‘yia-yias’ (grandma’s) recipes in a traditional Greek village or have a 5-star dinner at a Michelin star restaurant overlooking the Acropolis, or both, why not!

Itinerary Recommendations for First time visitors:

· Athens
· Mykonos
· Paros Island
· Crete Island

· Kalambaka (Meteora)
· Santorini
· Rhodes Island